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COVID Response Packages for Tourist

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At smartcare, we have what you want before  you knew you needed it


Covid 19 symptoms can occur at anytime. Even with vaccination you can become sick, infectious and will be required to isolated. If this occurs while on a tour, you will not be permitted to join the group or travel on a bus or public transport until a period of isolation is complete. Being away from home, sick with Covid, isolating in a rural location and needing to get home, can cause significant stress and worry. At smartcare, we aim to remove all this burden and coordinate everything you need. Bespoke packages include:

  • Transport & Accomadation Solutions,

  • Assistance  and Repatriation services 

  • Covid support and signposting

  • Medication prescription and dispensing

  • Testing for onward departure home.

At Smartcare we work directly with you and your insurance company to provide you the most appropriate  package of care to meet your need. 

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