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Wellness for the Film Industry

Expanding on our extensive experience within the film industry acquired through the provision of COVID 19 supports, SMARTCARE are now providing wider wellness and screening services to film production crew.  Ensuring the health and wellbeing of film crew members, who by nature of their profession are transient within the wider industry, work arduously and often within stressful situations, is a company priority for SMARTCARE.

In February 2020, The Film and TV Charity published ‘The Looking Glass’ The-Looking-Glass-Final-Report-Final.pdf ( a report highlighting the results of a survey of the health and wellbeing of over 9000 workers in the UK Film and TV sector. The evidence was stark: • 87% of workers in the industry had suffered with mental and physical health conditions as opposed to just 20% in the general UK population. Factors which can further compound the health and wellbeing of crew include: work place stress, long working hours, poor diet, smoking, alcohol/substance misuse. 

With over 40 years experience in both physical and and mental health screening and promotion, SMARTCARE can assist with the following health and wellbeing services for film productions

  • Smoking cessation

  • Asthma Management

  • Spirometry Services

  • Blood screening and reporting

  • Blood Pressure/Urinalysis and Blood sugar testing 

  • Drug and Alcohol Screening

  • Supporting productions with Mental Health (MH) and Wellbeing Policy

  • Produce Stress/MH Risk Assessments (i.e. work environment, content, contributors)

  • Develop positive prevention MH initiatives for Production

  • Create Personal Wellbeing Plans where applicable

  • Liaise with Unit/Set Medic on mental health and wellbeing issues

  • Signpost to appropriate support organizations

  • Offer a broad range of evidence based non-clinical interventions*covering resilience, stress, mindfulness, optimal performance and distress reduction.

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