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Concierge Healthcare Services

What is Concierge Nursing?
Our Concierge Nurses are registered nurse (RN) that provide personalized nursing care to clients in a variety of settings. The RN might visit you at your home, hotel room, AirBnB, hospital room, or may accompany you when you travel or when you visit your doctor or other medical provider. The types of services provided are limited by the Nurses individual area(s) of expertise and can include full-time, live-in care for a single client. Concierge nursing takes on the 'homehelp concept' and combines it with a little bit of home health and a big dash of entrepreneurial spirit.

Unlike most home health agencies, SMARTCARE does not bill insurance companies, so they are not limited by these plans when providing services to you. A Concierge Nurse can provide any service that you wish to pay for – that is, as long as the service is within the “scope of practice” of a RN or is something that does not require any special licensing

It is a common misconception that a Registered Nurse only fulfills doctors’ orders. In reality, nursing is its own healthcare specialty. Nurses support the health of individuals and communities by working along side medical doctors and other medical providers. All Registered Nurses are licensed to practice nursing independent and are governed in legislation by the The Health Act and the Nurse Act

Sometimes, doctors’ orders are required before a nurse can provide a certain procedure or treatment. When this is required, the Nurse works with the Doctor providing medical oversight and authorization (orders) to coordinate your care.

Nurses provide an enormous range of patient care that does not require a doctor’s order. Like your doctor, your nurse uses specific processes, training, and skills to diagnose problems and develop a plan to treat them.

How are Concierge Services Paid for?
Prices vary for one-time services-such as a one time “tuck in” visit after a hospital discharge vs holistic package of care. Fee-for-service plans generally focus on restorative care and illness recovery and are agreed once Holistic Assessments and Care Plans are complete and agreed.

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