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Concierge Testing for Travel

Smartcare Healthcare, which has for the last 2 years been providing Covid testing services to many sectors, including the hospitality sector. We are acutely aware of the additional pressures which COVID has placed on the sector, not least the added requirement for the management of those guests who become sick while on tour within Ireland.
We understand the additional layer of frustration and organisation that is required from Tour Operators and Guides in relation to the management of such incidents, which includes COVID testing and certification, isolation and ongoing support-all of which takes coordination but also unnecessary time away from our guests experience. For these reasons, we have developed a COVID PCR/Antigen/Antibody concierge management service, supplying both bespoke and group services to operators and private tours. Our services are provided throughout the Island of Ireland with 24hour support on hand.

For smaller groups/individual need we also provide an e-health consultation service. In summary, a nurse, via video consultation will guide and direct individuals through testing process and where required support each guest with managing their illness. Once completed and evidence of a negative result is established, a recovery certificate for travel is then issued via email. Each guest will have an individual appointment with the process being completed in the privacy of their own room and at a time convenient to them.

We are very proud to say that our services received very positive feedback from both guests, tour operators and Hotels throughout 2021, which has already resulted in returned bookings and commitments from tour operators for the season ahead. Thus, we are now seeking to expand and provide our services throughout all of Ireland and to all tour operators for the 2022/23 season.

Payment for services can be as follows:
1) invoiced to the tour operator/company and collected prior to the administration of testing services
2) individual payment by the guest via cash/card at time of test administration
3) collection of payment from concierge services at the named hotel

Quality Assurances
All our services are provided by trained Nurses and Paramedics only, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in concierge healthcare services, Covid testing services and Infection Prevention & Control. In relation to result notification, Antigen Travel Certs are returned to all guests within 1 hour of the testing regime completion, with PCR travel certs created within 8-12hrs hours of test administration and completion. Travel Cert issuing is completed via email directly from us to the guest and where required a paper copy is issued. All these processes happen directly between us, the provider and the guest. No Tour Guide, Travel director or Hotel staff involvement is required.

Positive case managament
Over the past number of weeks, we have noted a number of guests who have tested positive and unfortunately had to isolate themselves in their Hotel room, resulting in a delayed departure from Ireland. To provide an additional layer of reassurance and demonstrate our commitment guest welfare, we provide enhanced levels of services to affected guest. See our link above for more info

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